Kia: Eco Warrior
VIZIO: Slam Dunk Poetry
Universal Studios: Kong
VIZIO: More Captivating
Jack In The Box: World's Largest Coupon
Kia: SUVs
VIZIO: Words
Kia: The Perfect Getaway
Vizio: Even An Adult
Kia: Space Babies
Universal Studios: TF
Monte Carlo: VIP
LA Gear: Shoestring Theatre
Travel Channel: Bourdain
Jack In The Box: Legendary
Kia Optima: Redesigned
NYNY Hotel: Stories
The Pub at Monte Carlo: Beer
LA Gear: Beauty Products
Universal Studios: Simpsons
Universal Studios: Nightmare
Kia: Save The Greenbacks
Cazadores: Border Crossing
Hot Wheels: Almost Too Real
AI: Create Tomorrow
KiaFest: Maniac
Food Bank: Health Grade
Seagram's: Rivalries
Kia: Protect Them
Bacardi: Explore The Flavor
Mammoth: Play Big
Kia: Home Everywhere
Universal Studios: Reactions
The Weingart Project: Chalk
Jack In The Box: Hungry Buddies
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